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Custom Steel Fabricating Services near St. Clairsville, OH

Customizing Benefits

There are plenty of things people want to customize. Everything from customizing roofs to designing custom cars for you — if you can think it, it can be done. Being able to customize your project provides a great sense of satisfaction for the end product. You will be in complete control over all the decisions. You can pick the size, choose the metal and help keep the price within your budget. Call us now to discuss your customization options.

Process of Custom Metal Fabrication

There are three stages involved with custom metal fabrication: metal cutting, forming and assembly. 

Metal Cutting

The first step in the process is cutting the metal. We use tools like shears, punches, notches and lasers to cut. This process helps us identify if more articulate cuts need to be made. Our skilled team uses lasers and plasmas for complex cuts. To ensure your satisfaction, we’ll make adjustments during the metal cutting.


After we cut your metal, we need to form it. We use machines to apply force and pressure to give the metal the shape you pick out. Our equipment allows us to handle a variety of sizes and thickness. 


During this part of the process, we make the final adjustments to the metal. Typically, this involves welding the pieces together. This is where you get to see your product come to life. It’s the precision and attention to detail that helps us stand out. We take the time and effort needed to get you the outcome you want.
Men demonstrating some of our custom steel fabricating services in St. Clairsville, OH

What Determines the Cost?

When it comes to customization, our team knows that cost is a factor. There are three things that determine your cost: size, the type of metal and which process you choose to go with. Call one of our team members today to get an idea of how much your project will cost.