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Welding Supplies and Accessories in Southeastern Ohio

Providing You With Welding Supplies and Accessories

Welding as a profession as well as a hobby is challenging. It requires special equipment and expertise. Both beginners and experienced welders require the proper supplies to get the job done. You can trust Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply to help with any welding projects you need. Whether you need grinding wheels or ground clamps, you can find them here. Get your quality welding supplies and accessories today. 

Safety First

When it comes to welding supplies and accessories, safety is very important. Projects can be stunted very fast if someone gets injured. The key is to wear a welding helmet at all times. Depending on what you’re trying to weld, you’ll need to acquire the proper supplies to avoid burns and toxic fumes. You can get welding supplies that are fitted to you to ensure your safety. Come visit us or contact our office to see what we have available. 

Welding Repair Help

If you’re a welder, you’ve probably experienced broken supplies once or twice. No one knows more than welders how difficult it can be to keep supplies working for long amounts of time. Supplies and accessories go through normal wear and tear. Sometimes a small fix will do. If you need your welding supplies repaired, you can count on Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply. Our expert staff has more than 30 years of experience performing effective repairs. 

Affordable Quality

Trying to get your project done without overspending? That’s doable with Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply. Our team can get you great prices without sacrificing quality. All of our welding supplies and accessories are sold at a fair price. We understand the need for good material that doesn’t break the bank. Don’t worry. You can call us today for reasonable rates. It’s our pleasure.