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Water Jet Cutting in St. Clairsville, OH

Water Jet Cutting

Do you need something cut with precision without potentially damaging the material? Our staff has access to cutting-edge equipment. Water jet cutting is often the preferred method of cutting temperature-sensitive materials. We use water jet cutters to attain accuracy and produce intricate cuts in material. You can rely on our team to put these to good use. No matter what you need done, we have the equipment to help. For more information, give our experienced staff a call.

Other Equipment:

  • OMAX Water Jet — Jet Machining Center
  • Computerized MG Plasma Machine with Water Table and CNC Technology
  • Sahinler Plate Rolls 5/8 inch by 8 feet
  • Plate Rolls ¼ inch by 5 feet
  • Haco-Atlantic 400 Ton Press Brake
  • Haco-Atlantic 135 Ton Press Brake
  • Pacific 40 Ton Press Brake
  • Haco-Atlantic Hydraulic Shear ½ inch by 12 feet
  • Cincinnati Hydraulic Gauge Shear 3/16 inch by 10 feet
  • RAS Flex-a-Bend Folding Machine
  • Bentec Angle Rolls
  • Metal Muncher — 135 Iron Worker
  • Pipe and Tubing Bender
Welders demonstrating water jet cutting in St. Clairsville, OH

Heavy Equipment Rebuilding

Do you need to reshape your truck bed? Are your trailer beds in need of reforming? Along with the equipment listed above, we also do heavy equipment rebuilding. We have the equipment needed to rebuild effectively. Our dedicated staff can help with heavy equipment rebuilding requests. Whether you have blade liners that need to be bent or truck frames that need to be rebuilt, our expert team can help. Give us a call today to learn more about heavy equipment rebuilding. 

Total Customer Satisfaction

There’s nothing more frustrating than poor customer service. You can find reliable services with Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply. We’ve trained our entire staff to help you. You don’t have to be afraid to ask us any questions or request something special. Whatever it is, we want to help. Give us a call to speak with a team member.