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Plate and Sheet Welding in Southeastern Ohio

What Is the Difference Between Sheet and Plate?

Unless you work with sheets and plate every day, you may not know the exact difference. Plate and sheet describe kinds of metal based on its thickness. Sheet metal is any metal less than three millimeters thick. Plate metal is thicker than three millimeters. Though these may seem insignificant, they are actually used to fulfill various different project needs. With Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply, we’re happy to provide either based on your needs. You can visit us in person or reach us on the phone with any questions.

Types of Sheet Metal We Offer

Depending on your project, you will want to choose your sheet metal accordingly. Our team understands how different types of sheets produce different results. We offer hot rolled sheet and cold finished sheet. If those aren’t what you’re looking for, we also have aluminized sheet and galvanized sheet. Let us know which type of sheet will be best for your project.

Types of Plate Metal We Offer

Just as there are different types of sheets, there are a variety of plates you can choose from. Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply provides you with options and advice so you find the kind you need. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, we want to give you the best plates possible. Visit our office today to see what’s in stock.
Below are the plates we have:
A 514 (T-1)
A 516 Grade 70
A 571 Grade 50
A 588 Cor-Ten
AR 235
AR 500
Domex 100F

Keeping Your Cost Low

Although sheet and plate metal is thin, you’d be surprised how the cost can add up after purchasing many of them. Our mission at Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply is to give you the best material possible without being too expensive. If you are interested in buying in bulk or discussing pricing options, you can call us for more details. You won’t regret choosing us.