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Specialty Steel Materials in Southeastern Ohio

Specializing in Specialty Materials

It’s easy to find places that have common steel. While common steel has its benefits, there might be projects you’re attempting that require something more. Luckily, Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply has the specialty steel materials you’re looking for. We make it our business to provide you with materials you can’t get anywhere else to make your project great.

Specialty Grating and Hole Products

Metal bar grating is the workhorse of industrial flooring. It has served the industry for years. You’ve got to have strong and sturdy materials to manufacture the high-quality products you want. It can be difficult to get the right material for your project. You can find the resources you need with Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply. Visit us today to see what we have in stock. In general, you’ll be able to find the following specialty steel materials:
  • Bar Grating — Smooth and Serrated
  • Expanded Metal Sheet — Standard and Flattened
  • Expanded Metal Sheet
  • Grip Strut 
  • Perforated Metal
  • Tread Grip Ladder Rungs
  • Traction Tread
  • Wire Cloth — Woven and Welded

Specialty Concrete Products

If you’re a contractor, you’ve got to have strong concrete for your customers. People value having the best material and a variety of options to choose from. With Knowlton Industrial Steel Company, you can get the specialty concrete products your customers are asking for. If there is something specific you’re looking for, just ask. Even if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll have it ordered right away.
These are the specialty concrete products we offer:
  • Anchor Bolts and Wej-It Anchor
  • Adjustable Pipe Columns
  • B-Decking
  • Concrete Reinforced Mesh (Mats)
  • Rebar — Reinforcing Rod


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