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Pipe and Tubing Services in Southeastern Ohio

Pipe Up For Your Next Project

We’ve all had projects that get pushed to the side due to lack of time or commitment. Your projects don’t need to be procrastinated any longer. Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply offers the supplies needed to complete your projects. Whether you are a contractor or a handy homeowner, we’ll get you the piping supplies you need. Call our team of experts today to get the pipes you need for your next project. 

High-Quality Pipe and Tubing Services

From home or industrial tasks, you may need durable piping and tubing services. It’s important to have sturdy metal to ensure you have solid results. To help make your project a success, Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply provides high-quality products. All of our pipe and tubing services are long-lasting and resilient. Whether your upcoming project is big or small, we have what you need to ensure success. Pay us a visit or give us a call to see what we have available. 

A variety of Options  for Tubing

Are you looking for a metal option that can be used for big construction projects? Square tubing is the answer. We offer a wide range of options for tubing to suit bigger projects. Whether you’re looking for rectangular tubing or round hydraulic tubing, we’ve got you covered. This tough metal has many useful qualities fitted for your larger projects. Our team understands how handy and versatile tubing can be. If you need more information on tubing, give us a call. 

Any Size. Any Project

Getting all the parts you need for pipe and tubing can be difficult and costly. That’s why Knowlton Industrial Steel Supply has made it our goal to provide you with the materials you need right when you need them. Whether you’re working on big, small or time-consuming projects, it doesn’t matter to us. Our team provides you the best material at the best rate. We’re here to help.